JANE’S All The World’s Aircraft 1977-78


ADDRESS: Av. lguaçu 808, Caixa Postal 2621, 80.000 Curitiba, Paraná State
SECRETARY: Eng. J. C. Boscardin

IPE is developing, for eventual series production, the KW 1 b 2 Quero Quero II single-seat training sailplane, of which a description follows. It is also working on a new two-seat training sailplane.


The original KW 1 was designed by Eng Kuno Wiedmaier and built by the Aeroclube de N. Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul; it first flew in 1970, and its subsequent development into the present KW 1 b 2 has been described in previous editions of Jane’s.
The KW 1 b 2 made its first flight on 1 October 1972. It has a Scheibe Spatz wing section, upper- and lower surface spoilers, and is built of wood and plywood (Brazilian pine). There is a trim tab on the port elevator. Type approval by the Centro Tecnico Aeroespacial, in the semi-aerobatic category with an extension for cloud flying, was awarded in December 1976, subject to two minor.
Modifications: the addition of a horn balance to the rudder, and replacement of the port elevator tab by a spring compensator.
In addition to the prototype (PP-ZPR), three preproduction Quero Queros have been completed and delivered to the Brazilian Aero Club. In early 1977 work was in progress on an initial production batch of 20, of which deliveries were due to begin in July 1977.


The three IPE Quero Quero II single-seat training sailplanes
built for the Brazilian Aero Club

Type Single-seat training glider
Landing Gear Non-retractable monowheel and tailwhell
Dimensions External
Wings span 15,00m (49ft 2'/2in)
Wing Aspect ratio 18
Lenght overall l6.47 m (21 ft 2¾ in)
Height over tail 1.34 m (4 ft 4¾ in)
Fuselage: Max depth 1.00 m (3 ft 31/4 in)
Tailplane span 2.40 m (7 ft 10~/2 in)
Wings, gross 11.70 m2 (125.9 sq ft)
Weights and loading
Weight empty 170 kg (374 lb)
Max T-O weight 270 kg (595 lb)
Max Wing loading 213 kg/m2 (4.36 lb/sq ft)


Best glide ratio at 39 knots
(73 km/h; 45 mph) 
mm sinking speed at 335 knots
(62 km/h; 385mph)
0.64 m (2.10 ft)!sec
Max speed 81 knots (150 km/h; 93 mph)
G limit ±8


The general appearance of this new IPE sailplane can be seen from the accompanying three-view drawing. lt was originally hoped to complete the prototype by 1 April 1977, but this has been delayed by the increased work created by the Quero Quero programme. lt is now hoped to make the first flight in early 1978. All known details follow:

IPE two-seat training sailplane, currently under development
(Michel A. Badroke)

Dimensions External
Wings span 16.60 m (54 ft 5’/2 in)
Lenght overall 7.90 m (25 ft 11 in)
Height over tail 1.50 m (4 ft 11 in)
Tailplane span 3.00 m (9 ft 10 in)
Weight empty 250 kg (551lb)

Performance (estimated)

Best glide ratio at 435 knots
(80 km/h; 50 mph)
Max speed (smooth air) 108 knots (200 km/h; 124 mph)